Peptide Lip Tint Jelly Bean (Limited Edition)

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The Inspiration

Marking Rhode's very first shimmering lip product, the Jelly Bean Peptide Lip Tint was inspired by "your favorite lip gloss from middle school" and boasts a triple-threat combination of baby-pink color, candy flavor, and a brand-new finish. Created to celebrate Rhode founder and creative director Hailey Bieber's 27th birthday, it's basically the product you'd reach for first in the goodie bag after the popular girl's sleepover party. We're all wearing shimmery lips to school on Monday, right?


The Formula

According to the brand, Jelly Bean Peptide Lip Tint is "made with the same restorative formula as the Peptide Lip Treatment formula you love, leaving lips naturally plump, hydrated, and nourished."

Key ingredients include shea butter (which hydrates and moisturizes with five essential fatty acids including vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin A, and allantoin), the namesake peptides (which visibly plump your lips and help reduce the look of fine lines), cupuaçu (which helps maintain elasticity and improve suppleness in dry and dehydrated lips), and babassu (a rich, natural source of lauric acid to support the microbiome and replenish your skin's overall moisture).

"Aesthetically, it gives a plump glaze appearance that Hailey has become known for. Functionally, we wanted something that helped throughout the day but was also strong enough to serve as an overnight lip mask that leaves your lips feeling hydrated when you wake up," shared Dhaval Bhanusali, MD FAAD (aka Rhode's dermatologist in residence) when the original Peptide Lip Treatment launched.


How to Use It

There's no wrong way to use this flavored Rhode Peptide Lip Tint... except for eating it, as its "middle school lip gloss" calling card might remind you. Day or night, simply squeeze and apply for perfectly glazed (this is Hailey, remember?) and hydrated lips. If you want more color and shimmer, just keep layering.

Peptide Lip Tint Jelly Bean (Limited Edition)
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