Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG
This light-textured formula contains an extremely high 5% concentration of caffeine, supplemented with highly-purified Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside (EGCG) from green tea leaves. Independent studies have shown that topical use of each of caffeine and EGCG can help reduce looks of...
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Retinol Eye Cream
Reduce wrinkles and fine lines!A nighttime eye cream formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while giving extra support to your most fragile skin.This Retinol Eye Cream has been formulated with slow-release Vitamin A derivatives that help...
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Eye Repair Cream
Moisturizing eye cream for dark circles and puffinessThe delicate skin around your eyes can be prone to puffiness, dark circles, and other visible signs of fatigue. Adding a moisturizing eye cream to your daily skincare routine can help hydrate, brighten,...
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Multi Function Formula Snail Repair & Eye Cream
An all-in-one eye cream formulated with 80% snail mucin. This is a sister product to Mizon's best-selling, All-in-One Snail Repair Cream, and has sold by the millions across Asia for its high efficacy ingredients. This eye cream hydrates, helps diminish...
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Revive Eye Serum: Ginseng + Retinal
The new Beauty of Joseon's eye serum was created to improve wrinkles on the sensitive skin around the eyes by combining ginseng extract and retinal.Ginseng is effective in improving wrinkles as it contains abundant amounts of saponins. Ginseng is a well-known herbal...
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Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream
Brightening & Energizing eye cream with COSRX Favorite ingredient, Snail Secretion Filtrate. As a extension of best selling essence, Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, this double functioning eye cream contains snail secretion filtrate which moisturizes, protects and helps rejuvenating...
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Retinol Intense Advanced Triple Action Eye Cream
Wrinkle eraser. Skin brightener & firmer.A powerful triple-action eye cream with anti-aging Retinol, brightening Niacinamide & hydrating Hyaluronic Acid among many other beneficial ingredients. This eye cream can also be used on any other areas such as the forehead, lips & neck...
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Jeju Orchid Eye Cream
1. For healthy and strong skin around the eyes Hyaluronic acid from Jeju green beans moisturizes and revitalizes the skin around the eyes for healthier complexion. 2. Thick, highly blendable texture with a velvety smooth finish Texture blends thoroughly in...
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Licorice pH Balancing Intensive Eye Cream
The hydrating Licorice pH Balancing Intensive Eye Cream formula features licorice water and licorice extract to brighten dark circles and hyper-pigmentation. Peptides and antioxidant-rich ingredients like glutathione, green tea and blueberry extract provide anti-aging benefits and caffeine tightens and reduces inflammation...
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