A-Passioni Retinol Cream (Expiry 09/2021)
Retinol and supportive peptides restore bounce, resilience and a brighter clarity to the skin while helping to even skin tone and texture, without the associated redness and irritation. Vitamin F, along with a curated blend of comforting passionfruit, apricot, marula...
$97.00 $65.00
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City Sunscreen Serum [Exp 01/2021]
A multitasking, morning moisturizer that primes and protects. This silky smooth formula helps fight the signs of photoaging and its perfect for year-round daily use. Power packed with antioxidants like Vitamin E and B5, this lightweight, hydrating serum leaves your skin...
$68.00 $34.00
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Auto Eyebrow Pencil
Smooth and easy to use. Offers a soft and long-lasting look. Comes with a soft and fluffy spoolie. Doesn't need sharpening.  
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Retinol 0.2% in Squalene [Damaged Box]
ph 4.00-5.00 water-free; alcohol-free; oil-free; silicone-free; nut-free; vegan; gluten-free; cruelty-free Marine Hyaluronics brings together lightweight marine-derived water reservoirs that attract and hold water like hyaluronic acid (HA) but are lighter than HA in texture and feel. The formula contains exopolysaccharides...
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Radiance Cleansing Balm [Exp 01/21]
This smooth cleansing balm has a sherbert-like texture and gently melts away makeup, dirt, and excess oil without irritating or drying out skin.Powered by natural hanbang (traditional Korean herbal medicine) ingredients, the balm also offers a variety of benefits that...
$35.00 $15.00
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XF Gel SPF50 [Exp 10/2020]
Heliocare Advanced XF Gel SPF 50, an exclusive light-weight fusion gel formulated with evanescent microdrops to provide maximum comfort to users. Enriched with the combination of physical and chemical filters, and the exclusive photoprotective technologies and can give optimal protection...
$55.00 $15.00
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GD Eau De Toilette
Fragrance Family: Citrus & Fruity, Earthy & Woody Formulation: Spray What it is: G-Dragon’s first iconic fragrance for men and women with citrus marine and woody notes. What it does: A unisex fragrance that can be solely applied or layered with another...
$85.00 $55.00
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Serum: Super Bounce
What it is: A daily serum for mega hydration on all levels Why it’s special: Made with three molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid that soak into skin without any stickiness or residue Soothing Pro-Vitamin B5 helps keep skin soft, smooth and...
$42.00 $35.00
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Serum Foundation 2.1Y
Serum Foundations are lightweight medium-coverage formulations available in a comprehensive shade range across 21 shades. These foundations offer moderate coverage that looks natural with a very lightweight serum feel. They are very low in viscosity and are dispensed with the...
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Honey Coverlet Face Perfection Serum Foundation (#201 - Ivory)
Moisturising serum to soothe skin dryness. Contains: Peach extract, enriched with Vitamin C to provide hydration deep into the skin. Phytosphingosine to prevent moisture evaporation to keep moisture deep into the skin. 25ml
$34.00 $25.00
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Jasmine Body Oil (Mini - 30ml)
A multi-sensual oil that wins over our eyes, nose and skin in one effortless pump, this luxurious oil is enriched with plenty of hard-working botanical oils: camellia seed oil provides plenty of omega fatty acids, absorbing easily into the skin...
$18.00 $15.00
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Magnetic Eye Colour Pencil Full-Size (Shade: Gilt)
Ultra long-wearing, NudeStix Magentic Eye Colour cloaks the eyelids with intense, smudge-resistant pigment – priming, highlighting and defining in one fell swoop of the creamy, neutral-toned bullet. Ideal for even oily eyelids, once applied – whether to define the lashline...
$40.00 $22.00
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Skinny Longlongcara (Exp 04/2020)
A 2.5mm-diameter micro brush inspired by an interdental brush motif coats even the shortest lashes as well as both the upper and lower lashes to leave you with beautiful, natural eye makeup. 
$13.00 $4.00
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Holographic Stick
Apply the product to cheekbones, eyes, lips, body or wherever you want a holographic glow. You can apply the product directly to skin, or warm it up on the back of your hand and apply with the tips of your...
$45.00 $20.00
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High Impact Highlighter: Spark
Highlighter is the perfect powder for those wanting to ‘glow’ all-out.
$28.00 $18.00
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Ruby Obsessions Palette
Ruby Obsessions Palette unites a spectrum of nine pigment-packed powders with duo-chrome and creamy matte textures in rich raspberry, blackcurrant and copper shades for the ultimate feminine lid looks.
$46.00 $35.00
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Matte Revolution: Miss Kensington (No Box)
Matte Revolution Lipstick in Miss Kensington is a pretty, English-rose pink inspired by the quintessentially English ‘haughty but naughty’ girls of the swinging ‘60s in Chelsea & Kensington and the pastel hues in Norman Parkinson’s pictures.
$38.00 $34.00
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K.I.S.S.I.N.G: Confession (No Box)
K.I.S.S.I.N.G in Confession is the dusky, tawny nude lipstick in the signature creamy K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula. 
$38.00 $34.00
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Hollywood Lips: Charlotte Darling
Hollywood Lips in Charlotte Darling is a buildable, light, matte beige nude shade glides on seamlessly like a gloss yet feels completely weightless – like lingerie for your lips! 
$45.00 $35.00
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Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Papers
Soft leaflets made of 100 percent natural abaca leaf and gold flakes absorb excess oil without disturbing makeup for petal fresh skin anytime, anywhere. 
$23.00 $15.00
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